Sorry for the LOOOOOONG absence, but I've been busy, voice acting for SandJosieph (he is a great song writer, check him out on Youtube [bronies only though]) exams coming up, and piano exam for Royal Conservatory.

Without further ado, here is my newest dream

I dreampt I was the Doctor, David Tenent to be exact, and it was sort of wierd because the dream was very long, and I have never had any dreams this long before (that I can remember).

I arived in Toronto in 2015, and it was pretty much everything like Back to the Future part 2, hover boards, flying cars, self lacing shoes, etc... but then I met a friend that moved away a few years ago (real life) and he started showing me everything to see in 2015

The came the scary part, Daleks, Weeping Angels, Cyber Men, bassically every Doctor Who villain shows up and starts trying to kill me, they weren't able to, so they took the entire world hostage, aparently the Cyber Men had built a giant converter, and if I didn't surender, they would conver the entire world , but they didn't really want to, because for some reason, it would make me even harder to kill, and I would be uncompatable. By now the Weeping Angels and Deleks had been taken down by the Army,

So then I took the Tardis into the atmosphere, landed on the converter, did a little Sonic Screwdriver, and reversed it, so that it would unconvert all Cyber Men, went back down to earth, sent the Cyber Men a transmition saying I would never surender, so they activated the converter, unconverting the Cyber Men.

The people who were unconverted turned out to be, and I kid you not, Pikmin, and that's when I woke up.

I geuss I really am excited for Pikmin 3.