the story your going to read is 100% real i saw it with my eyes

my cuzin was destin to be the bigest zelda fan ever had every game music disc even the first zelda in plastic gold

he only let me in his room becuze i was upsesed with zelda as he wus well he was talkking to me and sead hes wateing for zelda majora's mask to come in the mail so i spent about 2 days over thare the game came not as expected the box was a pice of shit but it wut he paid for the game was holigram gold witch is strange becuze on the order it wusent soposed to come with a box or in holigam gold so i egnored it for the time being he quickly got out the n64 and poped it in it was shoty at first so the game had 2 saved files the frist one your

and the 2 being finished at first he dident save at an owl stachu and we began on the 4 day so we sucspected the preveus oner used the 4 day glitch it was all ok but no moon no majora no happy mask sales man i figuerd they lefed like wen you beet the game it all started geting weird wen we would progress thew the game it would get fuzzy

till the point the game restarts its self

then my cuzin moved away he went of to colige and stoped at my house befor he left he sead take this its dangerous to go alone it was a pice of paper with enstructions and a key to his room 4 years later we went to my ant and uncals house i fallowed the instructions i keeped them next to me day after day i finely went up a note on the bed sed take it a shoe box was on the ground i opened it a copy of ocaraina of time the first zelda and a nes but on the last part wus broke peces of the nes cleverly hiden majoras mask i put the nes back together the game gave a new begening you have met with a taribal fate havent you he he the game started a file called dave with only majora to go and one called you go i picked you go the npc would say hi link insted of hi you go ok i went to bed on night and wen i woke up it wus on the game i gave my eyes a sec to ajust to the screen i was in south clock town 4 day i left the game running but wouldent it just end but not this time but it was just all in flames I havent played it since 4 years ago if i fined it ill play it agein ill bring updates