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    my cuzin

    October 30, 2012 by Link513

    the story your going to read is 100% real i saw it with my eyes

    my cuzin was destin to be the bigest zelda fan ever had every game music disc even the first zelda in plastic gold

    he only let me in his room becuze i was upsesed with zelda as he wus well he was talkking to me and sead hes wateing for zelda majora's mask to come in the mail so i spent about 2 days over thare the game came not as expected the box was a pice of shit but it wut he paid for the game was holigram gold witch is strange becuze on the order it wusent soposed to come with a box or in holigam gold so i egnored it for the time being he quickly got out the n64 and poped it in it was shoty at first so the game had 2 saved files the frist one your

    and the 2 being finished at…

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