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It is returning through the dark

I wanted to tell you about my charatershe is from her dead body (This is not a RL story)

Emily:Emily was a dog but she was a human from her dead body.Her real name was Tini she was a happy dog lover she lived in ST.Draco Village,she was watching Doctor Who her favorite show then she heard a scream from the basement she walked down she Noticed her dog,Viola,a husky she had a frowny face she stil haerd the scream but her basment changed it was a far hall and it was very dark she went into the hall she saw blood everywhere and a wolf's skull with red glowing eyes she went further the scream has stopped when she went to the last step there was a dead pig.She thought it was a human but a pig with a human scream she said nothing then a flock of slimy arms started grabbing her then she noticed two red hyper eyes staring at her then it started ripping her ribs out and a long scar across her cheek it stared eating her heart.Her dead body was all bloody her spirit of a dog she never returned to her body.

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