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sup so im new at all this creepypasta stuff and still figuring it out. i did indeed make one story and used one of my pics in it but its not really that good. >.<, anyway the names lilkiller this is my first blog so dont hate pleas. im gonna make a lttle story in each of my blogs mabe even a pome or two 0_0. ok heres a pome for yea ^_^

red roses,black blood isn't this fun?

the rain falls down all black and bloody,

all those jokes wont be so funny.

your kindness is lost in all this madness.

so let the sun disapear to show you your deadly sins. 

ok so i know it isnt good but i lost my little book that has all my pomes in it -_- well thanks for your now wasted time :p ~lilkiller101

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