Okay so in the holidays I had written two creepypasta's which I was satisfied with and they seemed like a good deal to write, they had good plot lines and I tried adding as much description as possible into both.

I checked the next day to see how my pasta was if it had any comments, and it's been removed. I clicked the URL link I saved and it says 'Did not meet quality standards' and this creepypasta was called The Xenomorph.

Then, yesterday I wrote one called Channel 8 which was a television channel with strange images and distorted pictures, and I believe these are not banned . I checked today and it has also been removed. I think some ADMIN has a growing grudge against me because I find alot of my pastas are deleted and I use lots of good storylines, or the other possibility, that you all believe my pasta's are not good.

Allow me to elaborate, but I have had past creepypasta stories which have been deleted for no reason, and they take a good hour to write I'd say, and if you really think my creepypasta's are bad, then read through this website, you will find there are so many bad creepypasta's with so many spelling errors and misuse of words it just doesn't make sense at all. I mean, theres good ones and bad ones, so double check, bu in my opinion I thought my stories were quite good, as did my friend whom I sent it to.