About a month ago I wrote a pasta called The Hole in the Ground and I just re-checked is as I usually keep tabs on my stories. Looks like one of your Admins or another person has completely edited it. The storyline is completely different. They've made the charactre has claustraphobia when i didn't even make this a feature, and also the Head Doctor is meant to notice the hole the first time, not 'not' notice it.  Also,in th eending the rope he used to go down gets cut, yet they edited it so it says 'I'm trapped, help!' and the original ending was 'The rope has been cut! What do I do?!'.

I think editing a pasta without my recognition is a little out of hand because I've made many pastas that have been edited by Admins and other people, even some people have taken credit for my pastas! I saw on Youtube a guy read my pasta and some user commented he wrote the pasta, when it was me!

It's not a big deal at the minute but that is quite annoying because it took me ages to write. Next time, nobody over-edit my pasta, you can change words and sometimes a small amount of the details, but not the entire story plot.


-Life Owner