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Before I get started, this has nothing to do with anything bad about my pasta being over-edited etc, but I thought I would send you guys my very old but popular creepypasta called Weeping Angel. It's a doctor who inspired story to give the Weeping Angels more creepyness, I mean, they were already scary in the first place, but how about a creepy desolate street full of them? As I post this, I ask that none of you, and I mean none of you edit anything on it, it's nicely edited and has already had enough TLC. So I ask nobody edits anything, even letters  because it's already easy to read. ( Thanks Obeseman I don't think I said thanks, Obeseman corrected some grammar and a few sentence ending words to make it easier to read ) but I wrote every bit of this creepypasta.

Thanks, enjoy. Here is is:

-Life Owner

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