Hey guys, I'm Life Owner but you can call me Henry. I enjoy reading the creepypasta's on this website no matter how bad/good they are, because it shows what people have as an idea.

I am the writer of a Creepypasta named: Weeping Angel. A Weeping Angel is a monster off Doctor Who and was rated one of the scariest, so I thought, well why not adapt it a little and make it into a Creepypasta? It's surprising how many people have enjoyed reading it and even MrCreepypasta read it out at the ending, along with another reader.

I'm working on a Creepypasta which is a sort of 'game' you can call it. The player has a choice and which ever route they take changes the story, now, similar stories like this have been produced but my plotline is completely different, and has alot of detail in minor things.

I've written a Creepypasta based off a real life experience named 'Dofface Bridge Experience' though it should say Dogface, I'll correct that sometime. All that happened was I was in a moods, we noticed some strange things like scarecrows, dolls, grave markers, etc.

Sometimes I can be a bit of an idiot when it comes to chat and sometimes over-edit a Creepypasta too much. I'm stopping doing that and just keeping to a story writer and reader. I'm even trying to produce animations of some stories like 'Slenderman vs The Rake' and other stories, of course though I will ask for the writers permission.


-Life Owner (Henry)