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May 4, 2013
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    Hello. You guys might know me, I'm that guy who makes annoying blog posts claiming my story has been edited too much or the fact it was deleted for no reason, however. I have changed and now I know there is a reason for that.

    Anyway, today I'm going to be talking about animating Creepypasta's. I had this thought last night, and I know alot of people have done this in the past, so I thought I'd start it. Of course, I wouldn't animate The Slenderman or Jeff The Killer, but newer stories (ones I have written) - (and if you're a good story writer and want me too I can).

    However, the animating software I use is very basic, infact... it's a stick-figure animator (yes, I'm sorry, but trust me you can make amazing animations using it, search Peter B…

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  • Life Owner

    Someone has decided to edit my pasta called 'The Phone Recording' so the start is removed. This is key to the plot now the story makes no sense, even someone commented' THIS SUCKED ' in the comments. I make pastas to not be edited over the top, grammatical errors and punctuation are fine. Also, don't comment 'Nobody edited it' on here because 4 other people have edited it in the revision history, and also please do not remove it as I have a copy of the introduction saved on a notepad.

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    I notice there is a repeating and annoying advert about From Dusk to Dawn or something named like that and it constantly re-plays. I clicked the X button on the advert yet it wont close it just shows a picture of it and asks me to replay, now I understand its for funding or something like that and I do infact have the latest ad-blocker installed and it works on everything else other than this website conveiniently. I mean I don't mind so much but it's just a little annoying when they re-play the video which I don't want to see because it looks quite violent and even has music playing for me which actually made me jump at one point. Im not saying remove them or anything but I just find then a little annoying, Ill double check I use the late…

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  • Life Owner

    Quite Angry Now

    May 1, 2014 by Life Owner

    Okay so in the holidays I had written two creepypasta's which I was satisfied with and they seemed like a good deal to write, they had good plot lines and I tried adding as much description as possible into both.

    I checked the next day to see how my pasta was if it had any comments, and it's been removed. I clicked the URL link I saved and it says 'Did not meet quality standards' and this creepypasta was called The Xenomorph.

    Then, yesterday I wrote one called Channel 8 which was a television channel with strange images and distorted pictures, and I believe these are not banned . I checked today and it has also been removed. I think some ADMIN has a growing grudge against me because I find alot of my pastas are deleted and I use lots of good…

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  • Life Owner

    Before I get started, this has nothing to do with anything bad about my pasta being over-edited etc, but I thought I would send you guys my very old but popular creepypasta called Weeping Angel. It's a doctor who inspired story to give the Weeping Angels more creepyness, I mean, they were already scary in the first place, but how about a creepy desolate street full of them? As I post this, I ask that none of you, and I mean none of you edit anything on it, it's nicely edited and has already had enough TLC. So I ask nobody edits anything, even letters  because it's already easy to read. ( Thanks Obeseman I don't think I said thanks, Obeseman corrected some grammar and a few sentence ending words to make it easier to read ) but I wrote every…

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