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aka Shonty

  • I was born on November 7
  • I am female
  • LifeXlezXzombie

    I sit along my front porch darkness filling the streets only slit rays of light emitting from the light poles with a distance of darkness between them, but they granted just the amount of light to see through this darkness.  My hand gripped the handle that I had placed in my hand not to long earlier. The blade that was attached to the handle reflected amounts the lights. I glance over to my right hand were the blade was gripped from, Watching the oozing red thick liquid drip on the porch floor.  A grin grows on my cold face and a feeling of relief and joy came to my heart. I finally snapped…… It’s all over. At the moment of realization my grinned face turns in to a faint smile and eventually in to a strong grinding of my teeth. I ….It wasn…

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  • LifeXlezXzombie

    what I suck on the computer you cant blame me for trying xD

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