Police Report:

Sunday, February 17

A woman was found, beaten, cut, and bleeding severely, yet she was still somehow alive. When she was asked who did this, she responded by saying this:

"He looked like any normal person. He had a leather coat and gloves on. But what struck me as most odd was a paper mask that he wore. It had two black circles with smaller circles for eyes cut out. It also had a very cartoonish smile with lines going through it. He grabbed me and held my face close to his. That was when i noticed that there was nothing behind his mask. It was just all dark. Thats when he said to me in the darkest voice ' Three years ago, i met her. I never said a word to her. Worst decision ever. The big man up there sent me back down here to right my wrong. To bad shes dead now. And he wont let me back. Ive got nothing better to do now, but to just kill, kill, kill...'. That was when he started to beat me and attempt to stab me. I had to hold back his arm to keep him from stabbing my head. When sirens were heard, he ran off, but not before saying " I SEE NO EVIL, I HEAR NO EVIL, I FEEL NO EVIL. I AM EVIL." Then he ran off."

Upon finding the girl, several officers went after the maniac. Their bodies where found 2 days later. Police are still[END REPORT]

                Oooo.      Oooo
               O.   O.    O.   O
               O.   O.    O.   O
                Oooo.      Oooo.       SEE NO EVIL
          O                      O.    HEAR NO EVIL.       I AM EVIL
            OooooooooooooooooooooM.    FEEL NO EVIL