• Lgwolf32


    October 26, 2013 by Lgwolf32

    Police Report:

    Sunday, February 17

    A woman was found, beaten, cut, and bleeding severely, yet she was still somehow alive. When she was asked who did this, she responded by saying this:

    "He looked like any normal person. He had a leather coat and gloves on. But what struck me as most odd was a paper mask that he wore. It had two black circles with smaller circles for eyes cut out. It also had a very cartoonish smile with lines going through it. He grabbed me and held my face close to his. That was when i noticed that there was nothing behind his mask. It was just all dark. Thats when he said to me in the darkest voice ' Three years ago, i met her. I never said a word to her. Worst decision ever. The big man up there sent me back down here to …

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