About a month ago my asshole of a dad took my tablet from me for reasons unknown. He constantly does this sort of thing just to piss me off. The only way I can get on here is to get on a school computer and even then I can't get on facebook. I fricking hate it. I hope I move in with my mom soon because I hate this town and I hate living here. I have no friends here but in my old town i had lots of friends. And lets face it, my grades were a lot better when I lived there. My mom and stepdad let me do virtually anything I want as long as I don't do drugs or smoke or whatever. With my dad I can't do anything. I hate it. When I move in with my mom she may get me a new tablet because my old tablet's sound doesn't work. I should be able to go see her June 10th so yay :) One more step closer to being able to live with her.