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aka Lexie

  • I live in Pennsville
  • I was born on September 12
  • My occupation is not giving a fuck
  • I am female
  • Lexie the killer

    I'm writing a book called a part of me. It's hard to explain but it involves erotica, sexy white haired demons, pissed off exes and insanity. I've gotten to chapter 15 and it's turning out better than i expected. I'm quite proud of myself

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  • Lexie the killer

    Note to self

    June 6, 2014 by Lexie the killer

    I should never drink Monster Java again. Earlier this morning I was really tired so I drank a monster Java for a pick-me-up. Now, I can't stop shaking and I feel high as fuck. I actually had someone ask me if I smoked some weed this morning. .-. I'm a straight edge. Meaning I've never done drugs, smoked or drank alchol. It's weird. I didn't think it would effect me like that. Maybe I should lay off the Monster. My ex tried to steal it from me. It was the closest thing I could get to a white chick coffee. I was not about to let the can go. I left fingernail marks on him from when he tried to wrestle the can away from me. Maybe the after effects are worth it afterall...Yeah. I admit it. I love Monster and I probably won't stop drinking it.

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  • Lexie the killer

    About a month ago my asshole of a dad took my tablet from me for reasons unknown. He constantly does this sort of thing just to piss me off. The only way I can get on here is to get on a school computer and even then I can't get on facebook. I fricking hate it. I hope I move in with my mom soon because I hate this town and I hate living here. I have no friends here but in my old town i had lots of friends. And lets face it, my grades were a lot better when I lived there. My mom and stepdad let me do virtually anything I want as long as I don't do drugs or smoke or whatever. With my dad I can't do anything. I hate it. When I move in with my mom she may get me a new tablet because my old tablet's sound doesn't work. I should be able to go se…

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