Hi my name Is Tommy, I live in the small town called Mowoka Town, I hate the name but people say this town is built on top of a grave yard. That use to be here I dont listen to the stories but one night i was sitting on my bed, Playing my nintendo 64 home alone because my dad was in the air force and my mom was working at the hotel. I  heard a noise down in the basement it was a scream i walked down the stairs and seen a kid screaming saying get out before you get hurt and the boy walked though the wall.

I ran outside my heart was pouding i ran though the forest i could hear wolf's howling then I  triped over a rock and got knocked out I happened woke up the next day and I ended up back in my house then I ran down stairs i said mom did you find me in the forest she said no a little boy found you brought you home but he ran and disappeared in to the night.

day 2: I  was eating luckey charms at the dinner table thinking about that ghost kid. He looked like my cousin Dave who died in a plane crash in 2001 it was so horrifying it got put on the Mowaka news,Only 2 out of 30 people survived  how weird how would only 2 people survive wouldn't there be more but the biggest question is why Did that boy save me? Well I  should stop asking questions and look for clues at night time, I should find  a psychic I think I know of one that works at a black magic shop my mom told me never to go there but I went there anyways.

I asked the psychic she said I will only help for 5 dollars I said okay she got a orb from the room she placed it on a table and said  your going to die tonight from a heart attack thats what my readings show,I said no that can't be real but I was wrong 4 hours later I seen the kid and got a heart attack it was to late and the boy said your going to feel my pain for ever in hell.

The only way this story got posted on here was from the Mowaka news and my mom was watching me the whole time but she was just hiding it.