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The truth behind ghosts

Leviking October 12, 2013 User blog:Leviking

Do you ever get the feeling that something is staring at you or you hear weird noises in your house. Ghosts are only real if you believe them weird stuff will happen and if you don't believe them you won't see them I believe that ghosts mostly visit the people that believe they are real because they are more open.

So if you dont believe ghosts you are safe from demons and the paranormal give your self a pat on the back consider yourself lucky and for the people that think spirits are real be afraid they are out to get you or they will protect you.

If you see a ghost I recommend you sprinkle salt on your windows and around your house to prevent the spirits from entering.In Japan they have this thing where they make little Ghost dolls out of paper and hang them and the wind spirits will protect your house from evil spirits.

Ghost council of orzhova by velinov-d5moyq4

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