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  • I live in canada
  • I was born on April 25
  • My occupation is none
  • I am male
  • Leviking

    The truth behind ghosts

    October 12, 2013 by Leviking

    Do you ever get the feeling that something is staring at you or you hear weird noises in your house. Ghosts are only real if you believe them weird stuff will happen and if you don't believe them you won't see them I believe that ghosts mostly visit the people that believe they are real because they are more open.

    So if you dont believe ghosts you are safe from demons and the paranormal give your self a pat on the back consider yourself lucky and for the people that think spirits are real be afraid they are out to get you or they will protect you.

    If you see a ghost I recommend you sprinkle salt on your windows and around your house to prevent the spirits from entering.In Japan they have this thing where they make little Ghost dolls out of p…

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  • Leviking

    watch this video it will blow your mind,after i used a pic of jeff for my avatar than i deleted it but it keeps popping up for some weird reason and this isnt fake i have it on video iam guessing it was a hacker messing with my computer or something else?

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  • Leviking

    Hi my name Is Tommy, I live in the small town called Mowoka Town, I hate the name but people say this town is built on top of a grave yard. That use to be here I dont listen to the stories but one night i was sitting on my bed, Playing my nintendo 64 home alone because my dad was in the air force and my mom was working at the hotel. I  heard a noise down in the basement it was a scream i walked down the stairs and seen a kid screaming saying get out before you get hurt and the boy walked though the wall.

    I ran outside my heart was pouding i ran though the forest i could hear wolf's howling then I  triped over a rock and got knocked out I happened woke up the next day and I ended up back in my house then I ran down stairs i said mom did you …

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