Agggggh I'm so drained after working on my latest and final (for now) game... I have to use my old, shitty computer to work on the game because my new computer can't handle such outdated files! So! Rundevil! T.O.|.\./.|! SpicyHandoofMarriage! And last but not least, Kingwaffles! You were some of the people here who wanted to be in my game! I need EVERYONE'S help for IDEAS to add into the game! I'm running severely behind! The game is supposed to be released June 4th and I'm STILL NOT EVEN HALF WAY DONE WITH IT!! PLUS my old computer runs as slow as balls, delaying my progress even further! And to make it the best thing ever, I have TONS OF HOMEWORK (Why, teachers, why must you give so mush homework at the end of the year?!)!!

Progress bars:

Cities/Regions/Fuckme: [===____________________]

City/Region details: [========______________]

Game difficulty: [=______________________]

Music: [============_________]

Overall: [====__________________]