So, here's the situation. I have not one, not two, but THREE book reports due next month!! I'm not even half way done with the first book (The Great Hunt), which has 50 CHAPTERS AND 705 PAGES. AND the book REPORT IS DUE MAY 1st!! I HAVE 5 DAYS TO FINISH READING THE BOOK AND WRITE THE REPORT. Then, the next book report is due in the middle of May, and I still DON'T HAVE A BOOK PICKED OUT FOR IT. And, due next Friday is a poetry book I have to make. AND I have TONS of math homework to do because I'm falling behind in that (probably because I've been working my ass off in language arts). AND I have to keep working on the video game I'm creating which HAS to be done some time in JUNE!!! AND I HAVE OVER 1000 THINGS TO PROGRAM IN THE GAME. This is why I haven't been here lately, I've been working my ass off on EVERYTHING. Oh, and to top it all off, I have a cavity. Wish me luck, people!