So, I'm like completely new to having a Wikia account, and being able to edit and create articles. I've read the rules about this wiki, posting pastas, the forum, blog posts, etc., and there's so much rule and tips, some emphasized in all caps and bold that a lot of the time I'm afraid to post something, accidentally break a rule, and then be banned from editing. However, it's really nice to be part of this, because on most other site for stories the rules aren't as strict and so you can find a lot of not-good things shared publicly there. Here, most pastas are long and quality-ful, theres a forum for writing help, and most of the comments on stories have constructive criticism and are MATURE. I'm not a hardcore writer but I find it fun to create and develop disturbing and twisted thoughts, and here is a nice place to share them (and not be looked at weirdly and judgingly).