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    I have compiled a list of the pages that I think creeped me out the most and had the biggest impact on me. Some of these are pretty popular, but I still am going to count them because of the quality of the story.

    10. Doors - This one had a twist ending that took me by surprise and made me love it even more. While it isn't the scariest pasta out there, it is creative in the way that the story is told.

    9. Bedtime - Bedtime thoroughly creeped me out. At points I was filled with so much dread that I just wanted to quit reading it all together. Its thrill factor is chilling and is the writing is awesome. Great story to read right before bed. ah ha ha....

    8. The Sweeping - Yes, I know that this is the pasta of the month so I'm sure you have read it…

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    If you like surprises then I have three suggestions of amazing pasta's with twist endings that you will literally not see coming. In each of these stories there is a twist that will completely take you by surprise! These are extremely well written creepypasta's and if you have not read these, then they are a MUST.

    My Wife


    NoEnd House

    Each of these stories completely took my by surprise and I had to share just for the sheer genious of the Authors. Don't worry, I won't give any details away. I want you to feel the full experience of these creepy twists!


    Leslie Schneider (talk) 01:39, October 8, 2014 (UTC) LeslieannArt

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    My top 3 creepypastas

    October 6, 2014 by LeslieannArt

    Today I decided to make a wikia profile but I have been reading creepypasta's for a while. I decided to share my top three creepypasta's. 

    1. The Russian Sleep Experiment
    2. Psychosis
    3. Out in the Woods

    Im sure most everyone has read my #1 and I can honestly say that when I first heard it I honestly thought that this experiment actually happened. I was completely and absolutely freaked out after reading through the story several times. Its a great read and I seriously suggest you read it if you havn't already. Psychosis, my #2 got me good and terrified. Of coarse I was on my computer reading it and it got me super paranoid. I honestly could say that I've had a few cases of paranoia like the main character in the story. I'm not going to summarize the s…

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