Who/What is a Slenderbot?

Slenderbot is a user account that is linked to software running upon a remote server that makes repetitive edits on pages. It can also move mass amounts of pages from one place to another very easily. The current software that is running in this account is Pywikipediabot which is a bot framework written entirely in python 2.7 (which is the most supported release of the language to date).

What if the bot malfunctions?

I have that taken into account and have added an emergency stop button to the bots userpage that will block the bot and keep it from editing immediately after pressing. I can't stress how much I do not want another re-run of the AWB incident enough. After the bot has been shut down i'll be notified and will start an investigation ASAP and will request that the bot be blocked until the initial problem has been found and fixed to ensure it never happens again.

How will I know if the bot is running?

To help keep damage to a minimum in the case of a bot malfunction I am going to add a status indicator to the userpage to allow users to see when the bot is running. In the case of a malfunction you will need to get ahold of an admin so they may stop the bot. If I am online do NOT hesitate to tell me the bot is malfunctioning. Telling someone right away can help keep the damage to a minimum.

What special things can this bot do?

It can perform more tasks than would be practical to list in this blog summary. I will eventually add a list of scripts to the userpage of the bot that will give information on the various tasks.


Do you support the creation and flagging of this new bot?

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