• LenTheDragonMaster

    Okay so far I don't have any EXACT things to tell you or really any story ideas yet but one  CreepyPasta I'm thinking about makin is one on the anime Fruits Basket.

    I think maybe it'll have something in common like the CreepyPasta known as "The Rugrats Theory" where it was based on a character's imagination ((I'm not mentioning names incase someone has not yet seen it)). Anyways maybe the  because Tohru loved the story of the Chinese Zodiac Race and felt all upset that the Cat was tricked by the Rat and couldn't attend the banquet well maybe I can find some way to make the CreepyPasta where Tohru and that story have something in common.Well like I said,I don't have anything EXACT yet but I'm going to write a few drafts IRL and see what happ…

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