Ever since with the fight I had with my parents last week (I think it was last week), I have to lessen the time to use the laptop and the internet just to make them happy for a while (I can't blame them though but sometimes their anger is a bit unreasonable and I just can't win when it comes to arguing with them). Anyway while I was out "enjoying" the real life, here are the few things I've learned and discovered:

  • My cat won't answer when we called his name but will answer when we meowed (Pretty preposterous but it works anyway)
  • I only had one subject for the whole second semester (This is one of the reasons why my parents and I have been arguing. Tried to reason with them and explained to them why but they won't listen and their anger is a bit unreasonable but I can't blame them)
  • The dog who's been living with us for the past few months already has an owner. I thought he was a stray when he comes home with me but I found him on the gates of our neighbor's whining and begging me to take him home. Must be feeling unhappy with his original owners.
  • The professor who handled the subject I've taken this semester is also our program chair of our department in college (oh boy this is NOT going great)
  • From what I've read in the history books (I got bored from studying), the World Wars started in Europe
  • Andrew Huss or Hussie is like the author of Game of Thrones, they killed the characters I've grown to like
  • The fastest way to get a job after graduating from college is through having connections with other people
  • I've destroyed most things in my hands or in my care than my sisters and brother combined
  • Bazaar is a good place to find some items that are hard to find  but a bad place to be when you have limited budget.
  • Waxed legs are smoother to touch than shaved legs
  • Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell
  • Working alone is better than working with a group sometimes
  • Stray cats are making my grandma's house as their place to rest (I have this feeling that they are holding a secret meeting and it's Jasper, my cat's turn to host such meeting)

I would list all of the things I've learned and discovered but I think it won't fit to this blog post. Anyway, I'll be on chat when the opportunity presents itself. Bye