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    Unknown pastas

    July 16, 2014 by Laweennya

    Hi, I'm here to ask a simple question: Why isn't almost ANYBODY reading the more 'unknown creepypastas'?   What do I mean by 'unknown pastas', I mean that pasta that is at the back of this site that, only one person has commented on, THAT creepypasta. I'm not just saying that 'because I have a pasta that noone has read', I just don't. I'm still working on my pasta, I'm not even half of the way drafting it.

    Not every one has to stay around Slenderman, Jtk, Laughing jack, The Rake, Red mist, Hetalia lost episodes, Rap Rat, etc. Not saying they are bad pastas, just overused ones; they are like dessert pastas. It's not fair if we stick to like 5 pastas and then we say: 'Those are the only good pastas out there'. Needless to say, they aren't.

    I w…

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