• Laura Bentley

    The Axe

    April 29, 2012 by Laura Bentley

    Everyday was the same. Nothing different happend. It was just the same repetetive daily grind, every signle day. Until that one interesting day was different.

    It started off the same as the previous day, and the day previous to that. Everyone awoke, had breakfast and briushed thier teeth. They headed off the school and work as usual. The returned home with severe road rage due to the rush-hour traffic, as usual. And they spent the evening relaxing as usual. However it changed when they went to rest their weary heads. Their beautiful, delicate, fragile, weary heads...

    Everyone lay asleep, only a few still tossed and turned, but all the same everyone was in bed. Except for him. Him with no name. Him with no face just sparking ruby red eyes. Hi…

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