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The Difference Between Helpful Critique and Being an Ass

I've read quite a few CP's on here, some are obviously written with more panash than others are. However I dont feel it is right to blatantly say "Awe man this sucks shit, go die!" or something to that effect. Though I havent actually seen that specific comment I have seen some pretty close or to the same effect. Thankfully not on any of my stories, and I don't think its because I'm a brilliant writer. No, I fear my time will come when someone post about how horrible of a writer I am, and that I should crawl into a dark hole and starve myself.

I dont expect anybody to be all sparkles and sunshine in a comment. If you don't like a story, or it is poorly written, you are entitled to your opinion. I do feel there is a way to help a person while also stating that opinion.

For example: One could say "This story has some decent plot points, yet I dont think the story progression was consistent, nor do I think the transition between the introductory paragraph and the body was very smooth. If you were to iron out some of these inconsistencies I believe this story could be a decent read. As it stands I dont feel its a strong enough story, and it seems incomplete in its current stage. I look forward to seeing more work from you, as your writing will only get better with practice. Keep at it, and dont take my comment to heart."

That has a lot better chance of getting the writer to feel more comfortable with themselves and their wirting. Also giving them a good basis in which to review and revise their work. All the while giving them more incentive to continue writing because even the negative feedback was put in a positive way. Just a thought, now let the eat shit comments roll in!Laughing Jake (talk) 20:05, May 29, 2014 (UTC)

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