Laughing Cassidy and Killer A

aka Cassidy and Ashton || LC and Killer A

  • I live in At a carnival in the woods by your house...
  • I was born on October 3
  • My occupation is ...Students...
  • I am Female
  • Laughing Cassidy and Killer A

    We have two identities.Our creepypasta characters and our real life characters.Read below for the creepy ones.

    Name:Laughing Cassidy Age:None of your business. Gender:Female Occupation:As in job?Well I do help LJ and Jeff.Sometimes Slendy...other than that...nothing really... Personality:I really don't care for people.I will come off as nice but believe me...I'm anything but.I'm sassy and rude,funny and clever,witty and different.Stay away from me cause I will hurt you on purpose.I have bipolar issues and multiple I am dangerous. Type:Type?Type?What do you mean?-BEN Drowned explains it means sexuality-Oh!Okayyy!Well I'm straight. Method of killing:Many,many,many methods my friends.

    Name:Killer A Age:Why should I tell you? …

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