• Laughalota

    the darkness I live in

    November 11, 2013 by Laughalota

    please be informed that i'm new at this and i know my spelling and stuff is bad so please dont be rude thank you!!!!!! 

    as i sit in my room trying to wonder why wont there live me a lone i have to live with them every day off my life being in fear being scared to even sleep in my room the things there tell me to do the things there make me do to myself it terrifies me, i sit here with blood in my nails as there voices roars though my ear as the events go though my mind one by one as there sit there laughing at what there made me do. Blood dips down the side of my leg as i look at my master peace and my heart beating faster then before i ask them way did you make me do this i never wanted this life there never reply but just sit there with a…

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