well, hello everyone. his our new page. I'm Lady Kitsune, and this hansome S.O.B. is my partner Twisted Schnapps.

Backstory time.

Lady Kitsune: The origional Creepypasta Writer of this page, and the page BloodyAngel134. I like tomatos, kids and the show Hetalia with all my little creepy heart. I like the colour red WAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY too much, and i like to drik every once in a while. Schnapps is a bit the same, but that's not the reason for his name. I love foxes, and that is why i am the LADY kitsune. I am a LADY if you have any quiestions about that,

Twisted Schnapps: Newcomer to this place. Is a random dude that is friends with Kitsune. You won't know who is me. I could be a fried of hers or a ghost. You won't know. I love the color blue alot, and am a bit timid around people, so the primary writer might be Kitsune, unless i feel like i want to write, or make any more creepy pictures. We also RP as Romano and 2p Germany for our other page on Deviant Art. If you want to find us here are 4 ways to find us.

We welcome all followers. We are always on google and deviantart. And youtube. Those who try to chatt on, we might not recieve it for a while sice we do not go on there much. May update o that later on. Have a lovely day all our lovely Creepites.