Lady Kitsune & Twisted Schnapps

aka Lovino and Dev

  • I was born on December 27
  • My occupation is Writer
  • I am Male and Female
  • Lady Kitsune & Twisted Schnapps

    well, hello everyone. his our new page. I'm Lady Kitsune, and this hansome S.O.B. is my partner Twisted Schnapps.

    Backstory time.

    Lady Kitsune: The origional Creepypasta Writer of this page, and the page BloodyAngel134. I like tomatos, kids and the show Hetalia with all my little creepy heart. I like the colour red WAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY too much, and i like to drik every once in a while. Schnapps is a bit the same, but that's not the reason for his name. I love foxes, and that is why i am the LADY kitsune. I am a LADY if you have any quiestions about that,

    Twisted Schnapps: Newcomer to this place. Is a random dude that is friends with Kitsune. You won't know who is me. I could be a fried of hers or a ghost. You won't know. I love the color b…

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