If you've read my blog posts before, then you know all about those creepy tunnels that connects all my school buildings and how freaky it is down there. (complete with pictures, too!)

so I was talking to a deaf historian a couple of days ago and she told me something intersting about the boarding school's tunnels.

I honestly thought the tunnels had been bult around the 70's, when the old main manision had been torn down and around 7 buildings built in it's place.

He told me this wasn't the case at all. Back then when "old main" was still standing, they had tunnels and underground rooms, although not as many as today. However they were used for a competely different purpose than today. they were often used to store food, water, and the underground rooms were to be used as shelter against cyclones, bombs and any other natural diasters.

they were also used for something far more creepy.

you know that "forbidden room" I spoke of in my other blog post "Creepy dream people"? it was used for more than shelter... it was also used to "punish" kids in the most troubling way possible.

in a way it doesn't really surpise me, you know? some people tend to see deaf people and go: "Haha! a easy target for me to take my frustations at the world out on!" and sometimes it's much harder for a deaf person to comuicate with others in order to get help.

hell, I've faced some "mild" abuse myself as an result of this. no sex abuse though, thank god... it was just mostly pyshical abuse that I faced. and the woman who did it was quickly fired when I went with a friend to tell the authories about it.

But that's what happens when you isolate deaf kids from the public like this by putting them up in segerated boarding schools and the like. in fact I would suspect that ever snice the first deaf school was started up, there's been some form of abuse or the other, especially amogst residental students. (the comments here are also equally disturbing).

And there's loads more stories like this, dating all the way to the 1800's.


so yeah you can imagine what sort of sick stuff went on in that "Forbidden" underground room. It does explain why there was such a thick, black wrought iron door there... it wouldn't be easy for a deaf kid to break out of there, or for somebody to free them. it would need a strong adult man, or two women to open that door.

it seems that 4 kids were have to died in there on different occisons, although there could be more that wasn't reported by them back in the 1800's as seeing there was many families who basically didn't give a shit about their deaf children, feeling that it was a public shame to have them around to start with.

So basically my reaction to this was: "Holy shit, no wonder why so many of the school staff didn't like to talk about that room and basically clammed up every time somebody brought it up."

They also seemed to be far too uneasy every time they went near it.

There's very little abuse going on in schools like this one nowdays... most abusers tend to be publicbly outed and then fired soon as they are found out. So the school staff here, while they can be total dicks sometimes, tend to mean well... so no doubt the school's horrible past tends to make them uncomfortable as fuck.

At any rate, I'm conviced that those underground tunnels are haunted now.