======This morning, I had a really strange dream about a cartoon called "King of the Hill". I don't even like that TV show, I only watch it occasionally while waiting to watch something else that was supposed to come on later on. Anyway, for those who don't watch this TV show, it's an adult cartoon that airs on Adult swim. the side supporting characters are usually more interesting than the main characters, the hills. There's Dale who's a paranoid conspiracy theory nut, and his wife (forgot her name) who's been cheating on him constantly with a native American named Joe redcorn. My dream centered around those three people. Basically the gist of the dream was that Dale got tired of pretending that he was competely clueless to as what was really going on with Joe Redcorn and his wife. (on the TV show, he acts so clueless to the point where it's almost borderline retarded. they even acted pretty obviously around each other to the point where almost everyone else knew what was going on but him. in recent eps his wife decides to stop the affair and try to be faithful to her husband). so in my dream Dale summons both Joe and his wife in the kitchen and reveals that he's always known all along that they were together all along, and that he didn't really mind because it always turned him on to know that it was happening right under his nose. (!!!) both Joe and the wife is equally shocked to learn this.. and they become even more shocked when Dale also reveals that he's always wanted a threesome. so he starts talking them into it. Needless to say the dream became VERY pornastic from here on now. It just didn't have the wife in between as an sandwich, there was also some hardcore bisexual action going on.

I don't think I'll be able to look at those characters on that TV show in the same way ever again.... I wonder what caused me to have that dream? I don't even find any of those people sexy at all, expect for maybe Joe Redcorn. he was proably the only sexy person on that TV show ever.======