• LadyAbsu

    Inspire me, darkness!!

    November 1, 2015 by LadyAbsu

    Though I am endlessly proud of my little contributions to the site, my need to impress the admins has turned into obsession. Every deleted story tears away at my being, lol...They're missing something..even though in my own mind they're all quite clever. I have reached as far into my mind for my own personal Slenderman, though nothing is good enough.

    In the recent years, I have exposed myself to so much horror and death from the internet that nothing creeps me out anymore...I think I've seen all the horror that reality has to now what? I'm an individual that feeds on fears, that lives to be scared..My gut tells me to reach the brink of madness for the answer, that just a glimpse into the abyss is needed....I wonder what some of …

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