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Being an idiot and moving gnomes

So... I'm an idiot... Or slow... I don't know, it just takes me some time to get concepts, especially when it comes to technology or writing. So I'm such an idiot... I've had real crappy schools, I've been homeschooled a lot so that kind of went to this... Anywho! Me and my friend got these really cute gnomes that fit in the palm of your hand and they were soooo cute! =w= That is, until they started moving ._. I'm serious, I ain't crazy, I swear, they kept moving. They suddenly stopped when we put salt around them O_O.

Olaf and Peppie... At least we know they love us or else they would've bitten our faces off in our sleep. Or our toes. Now that I'm home it keeps looking at me, like I'll have it facing the far wall and the next thing I know it's staring at me. If I die, I hope you know I love you.......... Possibly, I don't know yet.

Peace yo.

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