Hi, my name is Kyle and I'm a fiction writer. I'm new to creepypasta and making scary stories. So, this blog will be the teasers of my new future creepypasta stories. And you guys think that if it's good.

So, please support me and I hope I'll update my stories soon (in Writing Workshop to help my grammar and editing)


Masquerade, Eugene Blancet, is a young boy who possess the power of darkness. In place of Paris, France; Eugene loves painting since he was young. But, the problem about it is that he paints only black colors. His family was shocked about his crazy obsession of black paint and painting horror themes like death. So, his family send him to the asylum by force. They hope that he will be okay but suddenly, there was some change. The doctors decide to take an experiment on him because, one doctor tries to give the bucket of black paint to Eugene but he accidentily drop chemicals in it. The doctor then pretends nothing happened. With that, the paint dropped on him and felt pain all over. And that's where he obtained the dark magic and becomes Masquerade.

The Seven Nurses

The Seven Nurses are a group of 7 females. The girls work together as nurses but days later, their male boss order his male workers as they attempt to rape the girls at night. After that, they killed the girls and put them in a corpse bag so no one can notice it. Few months later, the girls are back from the dead and kill all men in the world that cause them of being raped.

Crimson Rose

The Crimson Rose is a story about a 20 year old male lieutenant ranked detective took a case about a family mansion that was abandoned for 12 years. They were looking for a rose. After he enters the mansion, he encounters a girl who he knows of his past.