I'm really excited for the future. Yes, my writing skills are going to require tons of improvement, but I'd like to say that as it stands I'm at a level decent enough to start actually outputting some stories not regularly (which I would prefer) but of a roughly consistent make. I will eventually revisit "I Met the White Herald" and revise it accordingly, as there are some structural errors I'm thoroughly unsatisfied with. One thing that I really want to overcome in my writing does occur within that story, where as I revise the piece while writing it I'll end up jumbling thoughts together, and it's quite an irritiating negative trait.

That said, I do tend to like the freedom lengthy stories give me. "A Cult of Metal" ended exactly where I wanted it to, with the proper amount of obscurity that I can revisit that specific narrative setting in the future. Moreover, I have an entire connected mythos behind both stories that will continue to extend into probably everything I write in the future. There's a history to all these short stories. While I haven't been planning the stories themselves, I've been building this lore for a very long time. I've tried to get it out before, and I've been successful in different and variable ways, but this feels the most proper so far and I'd like to continue doing it.

I look forward to continuing my contributions and recieving feedback!