aka Ricky Kyle Ragsdale

  • I live in Alabama
  • I was born on October 15
  • My occupation is Tournament Fishing
  • I am Male
  • KyleRagsdale

    The hidden

    December 5, 2013 by KyleRagsdale

    Alright explanation time.

    Have you ever been sleeping and feel like someone is watching you? That's the hidden. They are only visible when you close your eyes and Their looks range to your fears.

    They are attached to you basically, watching your every move, and becomes visible when you blink, or when you sleep.

    They are only visible to you and you only. Go ahead and close you eyes, right now. It's near you probably, and watching you, they're visible of course, but none of your friends will be able to see it.

    They are still there whenever you have your eyes open, but not visible of course watching you, following you.

    I know your thinking, my worst fear is of the dark. Well that simply means that your monster/creature/thing, is made of darkness.


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  • KyleRagsdale

    The Love Doctor.

    November 26, 2013 by KyleRagsdale

    You know when you get lovesick? Or you feel like you can't live without someone? Or someone you really like literrally just walks out of your life?

    That was all me.

    You look a little confused at the moment. I'll explain.

    I'm a being that like to cause STRESS, and DEPRESSION. Yes And doing so, I mean by taking the one you love.

    Want to know more about me? Well not yet, you should know that I'm not the important one here.

    It's all about you too me. ALL ABOUT YOU. Yes! You know that Guy/Girl you can't stop thinking about? Or you just want to be with forever?

    That's my doings! I made them fall in love with you, Or you fall in love with them. I'll let you two get close. THEN BOOM. I shut it off.

    You know 93% of people who took a test said that they w…

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  • KyleRagsdale

    Where to begin?

    Well how about I just give you the whole story on how it started first. Shall I?

    Here we go.

    About 2:30 A.M. I was in my bedroom as normal, on my laptop surfing the web like most people my age. Only being 15 my mind ran wild in the darkness around my house.

    I'm the kind of person who is always paranoid something is behind me, or watching me. I always keep my doors locked, and even my bedroom door locked, closets are always shut,

    and I really don't like mirror, Theres only two mirrors in our house, the bathroom and in my parents room thankfully.

    Now that you know a little about me I think you need to know about the situation im in right now. And I honestly don't like it.

    Right now my watch says its about 5:43 A.M. I'm currently wri…

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