I am kinda tired of the color scheme in this wiki. It gives me a headache. I love the Creepypasta Wiki, but the color is just way too gloomy and I once got a migrane cause of it. Please make it more happy, but still sorta gloomy, like dark colors, but not too dark! I also am kinda bored and wanting to talk but I keep getting kickbanned from chat! I know I can be an asshole sometimes, but hey, don't we all get that way? I feel like I am getting banned for being human. Well, I think I know why I got kickbanned last time (for being an asshole, I think), but I am calmed down and I am super happy and wanting to chat! Well, I gotta get back to beating the shit outta the Game Master in TWEWY (The World Ends With You, it is an abbreviation and I will not post this message again if I have already explained what the abbreviation means.)! Bye guys!!!!!!!!!!