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  • I live in Not your business |D
  • I was born on May 18
  • I am Male
  • KuroLeFreak

    Im just going to say my opinion right away. So my pasta was deleted. Nice. Thank you. Well done. I dont care actually. Its just that I saw worse Pastas here. Just saying. I may seem arrogant now but whatever. Its just this one thing that kinda pisses me off. But what can I do? I dont own the page or anything. I can just write stuff down no one cares about anyways. I guess my Pasta got deleted because it was a wall of text? C'mon be honest. There are many Pastas which are also a huge wall of text and no one gives a single f*ck about it. But ok if you think its crap so be it. Because I think people are being too literate at some point. My view of things. Everything is seen so serious. Like if you make one mistake everything is sh*t.

    My opinio…

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