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Idea for a Jeff The Killer movie!!

Om so I'm an up and rising screenwriter and recently I have the idea of making one of the creepypasta stories come alive on the big screen!!! Now it will take me some time to write it, edit and everything but overall I would love to ake a movie series out of the stories of Jeff the Killer. BUT I need to consult with the creator of the stories themselves to get their approval on this, and I promise that one day if it makes it to the big screen credit will go towards the founders. Please, if you can help me on this quest!! This is a project that I've wanted to do for so long now and it could help me become known for my writing and for many ideas to come for people who would love to write a play and or movies on the creepypasta stories!! So, who's with me?

~Eris Morella

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