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KrazziXEI December 25, 2014 User blog:KrazziXEI

fk.. what did i do to get in this habit? im practically falling over asleep at 7pm? wtf? wow.. and even if i go to bed now, i'll just be up at 1am, so whats the damn point?

imma push myself further, however i can.. just so tomorrow i can maybe go to bed at an ok time and wake up a little bit closer to when everyone else does.. -i mean, santa aint gunna deliver to my house tonight if im awake at 1am...

anyone that knows me should see a clear sign here.. im either tired as fk, high as hell, or i had the last looney of the year... -or maybe i really am a true believer, in the easiest [holiday character] that can be proven **SPOILER**..

and i think we should totally wait for easter to see if we cant catch that little Bugs and invite 'em for dinner.. -hey, i gotta try that rabbit stew recipe Elmer gave me...

its not like imma eat a big fat guy at the end of each year... 'hey, sir.. can you put this on and come to this address tonight?' 'uh, ok..?' ~It Aint A Trap~ naa.. dont worry.. im not gunna eat him.. well.. maybe just the face......‪#‎bathsalts‬.....

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