Hello, Koshmina'sHellHound here! I'm very happy to be here. Im in my freashman year of high school and i'm happy i am. I lived in Hammond, IN for 13 years of my life and i am currently living in Idianapolis,IN. I was very young when i first heard of Slenderman. I was 9 when i first got intrested in Slender. I then started hearing more and it built on up. I love drawing and want to take up voice acting. Im also intrested in learning new languages. I kind of do get jumpy, but only at night when there is no noise, or people around.  I am not easily scared, but on some occations i will be jumpy. I have 3 older siblings ( last one out of four. Yay!). They are all 2 years apart except im 8 years away from my brother, 10 years from the second oldest, and 12 yrs away from the oldest. Well i enjoyed telling you about myself. Bye for now!

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