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Guess Who's Back?

For those of you who were not present in chat when I came in, I (formerly Rylee the Pegasis, but, you can just call me Koschei now) have decided to return after a few months break. I am delighted to see that the chat is back up and that some familiar faces are turning up. I had an administrator block my old account so I could make this one with a new username. If you don't remember me, or don't know who I am, I joined the Wiki on December of 2012 and I used to be an active member of chat. Never really been that significant of a user; just somebody fairly old.

I felt as if I needed to make this post just to let older users know who I am and that I'm back and better than ever! I have missed all of the wonderful people that I've met on here and I hope to continue to contribute to this Wiki as much as I possibly can!

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