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    Well. Many pasta monsters become ruined by over obsessed fangirls. (Not being sexist. But it's true.)

    So. I made a list of Fangirl Resistant Pasta Monsters.

    Comment your Fangirl resistant Pasta monster ideas. You WILL be credited.

    The Beholder. A beautiful woman, however she was ridiculed due to the eyes all over her body. She can control people with a glance, or make them have a completely new identity by altering their memories.

    The Nuckelavee. There is nothing, living, dead, or will live that hates like the Nuckelavee. Accounts vary of this brutal Scottish fae, but each account makes clear his pure, unrelenting brutality, & his only desire to devour & destroy. If pursued by the skinless horse & rider, there is safety on the other side of run…

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