I KobeV123(Kobe) am a witness of Herobrine.

For those who do not believe in him,go ahead and exit this blog.

One beautiful Minecraft day,I was exploring,I wanted to find a cave.So i pursued one,I was walking and then got out my pickaxe.It was almost broken.So there was a taiga biome next to the cave.I was more worried about getting my wood when suddenly I realized "where the fuck am I?"so I tried to leave the taiga biome.I couldn't.I was actually kind of scared.then as it was turning night time,it started to rain,hard.A thunderstorm was in Minecraft.I was going to hide somewhere,but where?Suddenly,a lightning stike was 1 block close to me,1 block from death!This was weird.Over 3 Minecraft days and I still didn't leave the fucking taiga!.I saw a cow and decided to use my rage upon it.The fucker wasn't dying!Then my whole Minecraft just crashed!I open it up again.I made another shelter and decided to put my game on easy.All of a sudden it started raining again.A lightning strike hit my roof and burned my house down.I raged!I closed my laptop in fury.30 minutes later I started up Minecraft again.It turned night time fast.Then I saw something or someone in a taiga tree.He appeared to have no pupils and the skin of the default skin(Steve).Then a wild creeper just blew me up.I took a screenshot of the mysterious person.Then my minecraft crashed.And again,and again.I deleted my current minecraft and downloaded a new one.Well,that's my Herobrine story.And below is the snapshot i took.

The screenshot with the edited red circle.