Okay, so if you remember my last post, it meantioned me creating my own CP's. Well good news... I have one finished and all I have to do is edit it, re-write it up and post it. The first one I am doing is- The Stitched Lover

No, it isn't a 'Lost Episode'. Yes, it's about a girl. A girl with long black straight hair. It'll be up as soon as I can get it up! I promise. As for the other Pasta (The Finder), I'll get right on that after the first one is posted.

I would like to meantion a few little things about my writing. First off, I love writing and I make very few CARELESS mistakes. I always go over it again, (And use a dictionary), to fix up little mistakes.  Second off, The Stiched Lover is going to be my first CP, so don't insault it a lot. You can tell me what needs to be fixed up and some errors that made it a little worse, but please, no mean comments, swearing is okay (Except with the word that begins with a N ends with a R... You know what I'm talking 'bout, ((My skin color is white, but I don't like racisem))), and one last thing... NO BULLING!!

Thank you so much for reading! Feel free to check out my YouTube channel if you want.... Same name as my Creepypasta wiki user (KittenMadeOfAsh1) it'll be very appreciated.