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  • KittenMadeOfAsh1

    Okay, so if you remember my last post, it meantioned me creating my own CP's. Well good news... I have one finished and all I have to do is edit it, re-write it up and post it. The first one I am doing is- The Stitched Lover

    No, it isn't a 'Lost Episode'. Yes, it's about a girl. A girl with long black straight hair. It'll be up as soon as I can get it up! I promise. As for the other Pasta (The Finder), I'll get right on that after the first one is posted.

    I would like to meantion a few little things about my writing. First off, I love writing and I make very few CARELESS mistakes. I always go over it again, (And use a dictionary), to fix up little mistakes.  Second off, The Stiched Lover is going to be my first CP, so don't insault it a lot.…

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  • KittenMadeOfAsh1

    Hello, I am KittenMadeOfAsh1. But you can call me Kitten. Personally I think I am desenceitized to all this creepy shit, cause it dont seem to freak me out. I would like to say one thing though... I have a VERY detailed imagination. So when I create a Creepypasta, be aware of some.... graphic violence.... ANYHOW! I wish that you all be nice, because as some of you know, it ain't exactly that easy to create Creepypastas because a lot of the ideas have been taken and most have been copied in a different form. I am currently working on 2 Pastas for you people to read. I shall say the names but I dare not say what they are about.... You can guess that part.

    The first one is: The Stiched Lover. And the second is: The Finder. Feel free to imagen …

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