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    Hello there

    July 22, 2012 by Kirschrot

    Since I've already made a couple of contributions to this wiki, I figured that I might as well introduce myself.

    My name is Kirschrot. (Well, it's not my real name, but you get the idea.) I've been interested in creepypastas for a couple of years now, though admittedly a lot of them are guilty pleasures. I joined this wiki as a place to write some of my own, as well as to fix up some pastas that are desperately in need of a proofread.

    I think the first pasta I'll be writing is a Pokemon one. Those are clichéd grounds, sure, but I'll try to make it work without resorting to "CURSED EEVEE is lonely! CURSED EEVEE eviscerated your party! Do you love me now, ?".

    I hope to have a good time here. Or at least not a horrid, excruciating time.

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